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Watery meisjes badpak - Freestyler Solid - Zwart


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4-5 jaar / 104 cm
In voorraad Slechts 5 in voorraad Uitverkocht - Stuur me melding
6-7 jaar / 116 cm
In voorraad Slechts 3 in voorraad Uitverkocht - Stuur me melding
8-9 jaar / 128 cm
In voorraad Slechts 0 in voorraad Uitverkocht - Stuur me melding
10-11 jaar / 140 cm
In voorraad Slechts 4 in voorraad Uitverkocht - Stuur me melding
12-13 jaar / 152 cm
In voorraad Slechts 37 in voorraad Uitverkocht - Stuur me melding
14-15 jaar / 164 cm
In voorraad Slechts 26 in voorraad Uitverkocht - Stuur me melding


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This Freestyler Solid swimsuit for girls has quickly become our clear top seller and a favorite among water-loving girls between 4 and 15 years. Designed with a high leg cut, thin straps, free back and made in our particularly durable and chlorine-resistant Aquaflex material, this is optimal if your daughter spends particularly many hours swimming in the track and/or playing in the swimming pool and at the beach. Here in the color black.

The model in picture 1 is 146cm tall / 11 years / 67cm around the chest and wears a size 10-11 years.

The model in picture 5 is 152cm tall / 12 years / 72cm around the chest and wears a size 12-13 years.

The model in picture 9 is 137cm tall / 8 years old / 61cm around the chest and wears a size 10-11 years.

The advantages of the Freestyler Solid are numerous, which is why it is often used as the primary swimsuit for all water activities.

Our most popular swimsuit for swimming enthusiasts

However, the chlorine-resistant Aquaflex material and thin straps offer a particular advantage when the swimsuit is used for swimming and training in the pool, where the fit and the suit's color are especially well maintained for up to +500 hours in chlorinated water. Additionally, the thin straps provide full mobility for any activity or swimming style.

Besides these advantages, our uniquely developed signature material, Aquaflex, is also resistant to sunlight, making it suitable for beach use. It provides full +50 UPF UV protection for the body, has a special 4-way elasticity in the straps and fabric, offering the necessary sense of freedom, and last but not least, it is water-repellent and breathable, ensuring the swimsuit dries quickly after use. Ultimately, it is designed for every water enthusiast who loves to swim and play in water.

A little bonus: When used frequently in the pool and at the beach, we have ensured that the swimsuit comes in a special 100% waterproof bag (value: 99 kr.), where the swimsuit can be placed to and from the swim, avoiding the rest of your bag from getting wet. This is also beneficial for the environment, as it eliminates the need to dispose of single-use plastic.

An Elegant Feminine Look

The Freestyler Solid for girls, in black, is constructed with a single layer of fabric, an open back, high leg cut, clean colors, and a discreet white Watery logo at the bottom near the hip. Altogether, it provides an extremely sporty and feminine look and a sleek silhouette.

The Freestyler Solid is also available in several other colors, including Black, Coral, Electric Blue, Dark Blue, and Sky Blue.

Product Specifications for Watery Freestyler Solid Swimsuit for Girls

Watery Eco Pool Party Solid for girls is made in our unique Aquaflex ECO material consisting of 100% polyester, of which 55% is recycled from plastic bottles made on repreve yarn and 45% is PBT polyester. This gives the suit several special properties:

  • 100% chlorine and UV resistant, so both fit and colours are maintained through +500 hours in water
  • UPF +50 UV protection
  • A unique high degree of breathability
  • Equipped with 4-way elasticity in both fabric and straps, giving you the necessary feeling of freedom in the suit.
  • Oil and sunscreen resistant as well as antibacterial, so you avoid a heavy swimsuit smeared in various and which stays fresh again and again
  • Water repellent and water resistant, so it does not absorb water and thus does not become heavy to swim with, and you will instead experience that you float more naturally through the water.
  • The material being PBT polyester and not "normal" variants of polyester such as lycra also means that the surface of the suit appears more matte and gives a comfortable and smooth sensation when worn on the body and thus does not cling to the body.
  • PBT polyester is compared to other alternatives also the most durable and chlorine-resistant material available,
  • The elasticity in the straps and the sewing thread around the edge of the swimsuit plays a significant role in the durability of the suit, as they often become slack after trips in chlorinated water. In Swim Rider, the specially chlorine-resistant Fratelli Leoni ® elastic is chosen, which maintains its elasticity up to 3 times longer than normally used elastics for swimwear due to the special pre-treatment of the silicone. Additionally, the sewing thread used in the suit, Alterfil ® T, is particularly soft against the skin and provides a nice finish at the edge.

The suit is produced in Europe under the highest OEKO-TEX standard 100 certification, awarded to products that have passed tests against harmful chemical

The models themselves are designed with

  • Open back, ensuring agility and flexibility during movement
  • Thin straps, providing a high degree of freedom
  • A high-leg cut, giving an elegant appearance.

Comes in a free (value: DKK) and reusable wet/dry bag (see it here), which the swimsuit can be put in to and from training, so that the rest of the swimming task does not get wet after the trip in the water.

Washing instructions for optimal durability

  • Rinse in cold water immediately after use to remove chlorine, saltwater, and/or sunscreen.
  • If the suit has been left too long without being hung to dry, you should hand wash the suit in cold water with a gentle detergent or hand soap.
  • Do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.
  • Finally, lay the suit out to dry on a flat surface to allow it to regain its shape. Hanging it on a drying rack may stretch the suit out.

Size guide:

Body size guide:

Watery Size





2-3 år

98 cm

51 cm

50 cm

53 cm

4-5 år

104 cm

55,5 cm

53 cm

58 cm

6-7 år

116 cm

61 cm

56 cm

64 cm

8-9 år

128 cm

66,5 cm

59 cm

70 cm

10-11 år

140 cm

72 cm

62 cm

76 cm

12-13 år

152 cm

77,5 cm

65 cm

84 cm

14-15 år

164 cm

84 cm

69 cm

90 cm

Watery Girl swimsuits fit true to size, so choose the size you normally wear.
When choosing a size, it is recommended to go by the height in the size guide as it is more accurate.

The product's dimensions:

Watery size

Width at front chest (Layed on the floor)

Length from the neck of the suit to the gusset seam

Width at hips in front (Layed on the floor)

2-3 year

23 cm

38,5 cm

24 cm

4-5 year

24 cm

41 cm

25 cm

6-7 year

25 cm

43,5 cm

26 cm

8-9 year

27 cm

46 cm

28 cm

10-11 year

29 cm

48,5 cm

30 cm

12-13 year

31 cm

51 cm

32 cm

14-15 year

33 cm

53,5 cm

34 cm

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